theater, artistic practice, & civic life in algeria

dr. jane e. goodman

Theater and Pedagogy

El Moudja considers theater a pedagogical as well as an artistic activity.  Actor training has been an integral part of the troupe’s mission.  Pedagogical activities include body work, production, set design, and theatrical writing.

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In 2004, the European Commission recognized El Moudja as a school of theater and supported some of El Moudja’s pedagogical activities. The sign reads: El Moudja Cultural Association: School of Theatrical Training: Project supported by the European Commission.

Notes from El Moudja’s archives about surrealism in theater and its aftermath. Troupe members have studied theater theorists such as Konstantin Stanislavsky, Jerzy Grotowski, Bertolt Brecht, and Peter Brook.  

Working together in a troupe is a pedagogical activity in its own right. This page from El Moudja’s archives notes the way actors should comport themselves when at the theater. “Enter in silence,” “No smoking” “Do not touch the equipment,” and so on.

A page on Brecht’s technique of “distanciation” from El Moudja’s archives.

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Notes from El Moudja’s archives: “Theater is not only a play, it is an event.”