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dr. jane e. goodman

El Moudja Relocation

In June 2009, the El Moudja Theatrical Association relocated to a former school. These images show what the space looked like in the days and weeks following the move.

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El Moudja claims the new space.

El Moudja claims the new space.

Actors were organized into teams of volunteers to help with the relocation. Here, a board lists different teams, which were responsible for settings, costumes, archives, stage building, light and sound, administration, and security.

A mask graces the new space.

Djilelli contemplates the new space.

Trash filled the entrance to the courtyard.

Former classrooms house the troupe's belongings.

Former classrooms house the troupe's belongings.

Djilelli and Sami begin to make order out of chaos.

Elements of scenery for the play Voyages.

A satellite dish was one of the first things the actors set up.

Nacer reads material in the archives.

Nacer and others pore through the archives.

An actor sorts through the troupe's archives.

A crew starts to build the stage, with the banner for their recent production Love from Afar as a backdrop.

Floorboards from the former theater serve as materials for the new stage.

A crew of volunteers works on the stage.

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The stage takes shape.